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Student packs:   for lessons and exams.

Almost every teacher I’ve ever spoken to agrees that one of the most annoying things about their job is students turning up for lessons without the proper equipment.

With this in mind, we’ve introduced some “Student packs” designed to provide your students with the equipment they need for most of their lessons  as well as specialist packs for maths lessons.
“Student Essentials” set     (making life easier for students & staff  !)

Handy for your students and especially useful for exams. Consists of a clear plastic, “exam friendly” zip up wallet containing:  Three quality ballpens  (black ink), two HB pencils, 15 cm ruler,   sharpener,  eraser.   approx, size:  224 x 157 mm   Some PVC wallets will have a
coloured zip slider, others will be clear.
85p    (400+)     88p    (200+)     90p   (1-199)    ex vat

“The Survival Pack”   

The  Survival Pack  can  reduce classroom disruption caused by students not having the kit they need for lessons.  A help for both students and staff !   Sell (or give !)  to your students
to help them on their way !    

The Survival Pack is a robust polyester pencil case, (size 22 x 12 cms),  containing


Essential equipment for most lessons.
Contents:  six quality ballpens (black ink),  three HB pencils,  15 cm ruler, two erasers,
metal sharpener.  Available at what we think are very  reasonable prices:

     £ 1.25   (120+)      £ 1.35  (1-119)      ex vat

Value Maths Set

Consists of:  metal compass and 1/2 length pencil, 180 degree protractor,  15 cm ruler, sharpener, eraser, HB pencil, two quality ballpens (black ink)  all packed in an exam friendly, clear plastic zip up wallet.   approx. size:  224 x 157 mm
NB.   The pencil sharpener is a plastic “safety” sharpener….. the design of which is German and has no removable parts !   Excellent design.  Some PVC wallets will have a coloured zip slider, others will be clear.

        £ 1.25    (120+)       £ 1.29     (60-119)       £  1.32     (1-59)

Please note that prices do not include VAT. 

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