The LK 83XP. See our NEW GCSE SCIENTIFIC CALCULATOR with almost all the features of the brand leader and at a competitive price.




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Email:  info@signposteducational.co.uk

Tel:  020 7515 1797       Fax:  020 7515 4420

Signpost Educational was established in 1990.

We are  supply basic and scientific calculators,  geometry sets  and student packs to schools, colleges and academies throughout the UK.

In addition we offer dictionaries and thesauri to help students develop study skills and improve literacy.   Please note that prices do not include VAT.    nb  No vat on books.


HOW TO ORDER……………    It’s simple.  Just email your order to:

info@signposteducational.co.uk   with full details of your organisation and your purchase / requisition  no.  In most cases we will despatch your order and email / post our invoice afterwards. Our terms of business are payment within 30 days of invoice date.  In some cases we may require payment against our pro forma invoice.

If you are ordering as a private individual we require payment prior to despatch.  Just let us know what you want and we will advise the cost.  Simply transfer your payment to our bank account. As soon as payment is confirmed we will despatch your order.  Please note that our carrier (usually Parcelforce) will require a signature on delivery. If no one will be at home, please consider using your work address for delivery.  If you have any questions about ordering please phone  020 7515 1797 or email.

One of our most popular products and certainly  one which has been a big help for students and teachers alike is the Value Maths set………..   (Please note that the PVC clear wallets  have a clear  zip slider rather than the blue slider as shown)

Value Maths Set         approx size:  230 x 155 mm

a.  Very useful for exams as a “handout” before students go into the exam hall / room.

b.  also very handy for students to buy from the school office or subject teacher
at the start of a school day…should result in fewer delays and disruption at
the start of a lesson.

c.  Nice to give (or sell !) at the start of a new school year or at parent evenings.

Our current sets do not have a blue strip at the top….they are in clear PVC.


    £ 1.25  (160+)     £  1.29   (80+)      £ 1.32  (1-79)


Student Essentials Set          approx. size:  230 x 155 mm

Similar “raison d’etre” to the Value Maths Pack……

a.  Give or sell to students at the start of a school day or the start of a lesson

b.  Hand out to students going into  exams

c.  Sell at parents evenings or at the start of a new term

Our current sets do not have a blue strip at the top, they are in clear PVC.

     Only   85p   (400+)       88p   (200+)        90p   (1-199)

Please view the “Student Pack” section on the site for more details,  or contact us if you need advice or further information on any of our products.

Tel: 020 7515 1797   Fax: 020 7515 4420

email: info@signposteducational.co.uk