LK 83XP GCSE dual power scientific calculator …..

Introducing the  LK 83XP  dual power scientific calc  suitable
for KS 3, 4 and especially GCSE.

Battery power with solar back-up to prolong battery life.

252 functions with “natural display”  …so students can enter expressions as shown in textbooks and worksheets. This calc. has all your students will need for their KS 3 and KS 4  and GCSE maths studies. Includes prime factorisation, number tables, random numbers, stats calculations, number tables, algebraic logic, trig functions, regression analysis,  hyperbolics, log / anti-log, nine memories etc

Auto-shut off to prolong battery life,  hard plastic keys for durability, slide-on  cover to protect the keyboard.

Excellent build quality  and reliability and with a THREE year warranty  (excludes damage to the LCD)   Highly recommended.

£ 5.22  (300+)         £  5.25   (100+)         £  5.29    (40+)           £  5.32    (1-39)

Class set of 30 calcs with a Gratnells storage box, foam and lid   £  169.50

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