Casio Scientific calculators

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CASIO CALCULATORS  !     FX 83GT+  (battery)                  FX 85GT+ (dual power)

FX 83GT PLUS               fx-85GTplus

CASIO FX 83GT         Not available               Discontinued

CASIO  FX 85GT   (dual power)   £  7.85     (40+)         £  7.99    (1-39)     LIMITED STOCK

We also recommend the LOGIK LK 83XP   with 252 functions, as a very good alternative to the Casio FX 83GT+  or the FX 85GT+…It has similar functions and features  (excludes “verify” and “recurring decimal”)  and a THREE year warranty.  It is also DUAL POWER (solar / battery,   and complies with the requirements of UK exam boards for exams in which calculators are permitted.
Class sets of Casio calcs in Gratnells storage boxes.    Each class set consists of 30 calcs, a  Gratnells storage box,  foam insert with slots for 30 calcs and a transparent clip-on lid.  Very convenient for storing and for moving calcs between classrooms as well as seeing at a glance if any calcs are missing !             FX 85GT Plus     class set   £ 252.50 

CASIO FX 991EX     “Class Wiz”    

Introduced in 2017 this new  scientific calc has been “making waves”  ever since.  It is Casio’s most advanced scientific calc and replaces the previous model (FX 991ES Plus).  It is suitable for GCSE and A level studies and exams where  calculator use is permitted.

The FX 991EX features “natural  display”  which many students who use the FX 83GT+ and
FX 85GT+ will be familiar with.  The FX 991EX features hi-res LCD technology with an intuitive icon display and includes many advanced maths functions and operations, including
high speed calculation and large data capacity for statistical calculations, binomial probabilities,  spreadsheet calculations and functions, integration and differential calculations,  QR code, engineering symbol calculations and a host more …supplied with a protective slide-on case.
Almost certainly the greatest calculator launch in many years and highly recommended.

    £ 18.95 (50+)        £ 19.50  (30+)         £ 19.75    (1-29)

Class set of 30 calcs in a Gratnells storage box with foam and lid:  £ 576.20


CASIO fx-991ES plus

Casio’s  advanced scientific calc. featuring “natural display.”   Suitable for Scottish Higher exams, AS and A level but also useful at KS 3, 4 and GCSE.

Features include;   Random integers, co-ordinate conversions between polar and rectangular values, polynomial and simultaneous equation solving, basic conversions and logic operations, complex number calculations, vector and matrix operations

Only:    £ 14.95  (100+)    £ 15.50  (50+)

min order 50 calcs

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