Casio Scientific calculators

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CASIO CALCULATORS !     FX 83GTX  (battery)                  FX 85GTX (dual power)

These new models from Casio replace the FX 83GT+ and FX 85GT+  which have been discontinued.  For a comprehensive list of their functions and features you can visit the Casio website. Just go to: where you will find practical resources which cover the new functions and features, a full functionality list and other useful information.

The new Casio FX 83GTX has a higher resolution display, faster processing, a new ratio function, easier stats calculations and now has menu operation. The keyboard is very similar to the previous model, thus making it easy for your students to switch from old to new models. Choose from black, pink or blue. £ 8.95 (30+) £ 8.90 (100+) min order 30

Casio fx-85GTX

Similar features to the FX 83GTX but with the addition of dual power.

£ 9.95 (30+) £ 9.90 (100+) min order 30 calcs

CASIO 991EX Class Wiz

Introduced in 2017 this new  scientific calc has been “making waves”  ever since.  It is Casio’s most advanced scientific calc and replaces the previous model (FX 991ES Plus).  It is suitable for GCSE and A level studies and exams where  calculator use is permitted. Click here to see the

CASIO FX 991EX     “Class Wiz”    

The FX 991EX features “natural  display”  which many students who use the FX 83GT+ and
FX 85GT+ will be familiar with.  The FX 991EX features hi-res LCD technology with an intuitive icon display and includes many advanced maths functions and operations, including
high speed calculation and large data capacity for statistical calculations, binomial probabilities,  spreadsheet calculations and functions, integration and differential calculations,  QR code, engineering symbol calculations and a host more …supplied with a protective slide-on case.
Almost certainly the greatest calculator launch in many years and highly recommended.

    £ 18.95 (50+)        £ 19.15  (20+)         £ 19.45    (10-29)         Min order  10 calcs

Class set of 30 calcs in a Gratnells storage box with foam and lid:  £ 576.20

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