LK 183 and LK 183MX scientific calculators

LOGIK LK 183 and LK 183MX  scientific calculators

               LK 183                                                                                           LK 183MX

Both the LK 183 and the LK 183 MX  are suitable for  KS3,  KS 4 and GCSE.   These two calcs are a reliable and economical  choice for your students.
The LK 183  has been used by many schools and colleges since
it was introduced in 2006. 
Excellent build quality,  with a THREE year guarantee.    We’ve now added the LK 183 MX (shown on the right)  which has exactly the same functions as the LK 183   but
with the benefit of dual power (solar and battery).

The LK 183  scientific calculator is powered by AAA batteries which are supplied and fitted with each  calc.  The LK 183MX  is dual powered.

Features and functions  include:  (both LK 183 and LK 183 MX)

  • suitable for KS 3, KS 4 and GCSE  and  scottish exams

  • 240 functions (164 scientific)

  • multi-replay, allows editing of expressions before and after calculations are completed
    twin line display
    fraction calculations,  stats functions,  standard deviation
    trig functions  algebraic logic
    log / anti-log, regression analysis, slide on case,  hard plastic keys,
    auto power off
  • fitted with  AAA batteries    LK 183MX is dual power
  • Three year warranty  (against unlikely manufacturing defects)

  LK 183            £  4.15   (100+)    £ 4.25   (40+)     £ 4.30   (1-39)

 LK 183MX       £ 4.25    (100+)    £ 4.35   (40+)     £  4.40  (1-39)

Class set of 30 calcs in a Gratnells storage box with foam insert (with 30 slots for the calcs) and a transparent  lid .  Class sets are a convenient way of storing and transporting calcs between different
locations in a school.

     Class set of 30 LK 183 calcs        £  146.50 

    Class set of  30 LK 183MX calcs   £  149.50   

all prices are ex vat