Gratnell’s storage boxes, foams and lids

Gratnell’s storage boxes (with transparent clip-on lids and foam inserts for 30  scientific calculators) are a convenient way of storing your classroom calcs.  The slots in the foam mean that you can see at a glance if any calcs are missing as well as providing protection for your calcs.









You can order class sets of any of the calcs shown  on our website or purchase the boxes, foams and lids separately.  We supply the storage boxes in royal blue colour.

Storage boxes:  £  5.60      Lids:  £ 2.35     Foams:   £ 3.25

Please note that the above prices only apply when ordered with calculators.   If you wish to order Gratnells storage boxes, lids or foams without calcs then the prices below will apply.
Storage boxes:    £  5.95       Lids:  £ 2.55      Foams:  £ 3.45


Please note that all products featured on this website are exclusive of vat .