Dictionaries, + the “Essential Students’ Companion”

  “Word Power” English Dictionary    save 60% off RRP


Most students would benefit from using a reliable, up to date dictionary, both
at school or college and at home….and if such a dictionary can be purchased at a 60% discount to the RRP then that’s a welcome bonus.

The Webster’s  “Word Power” dictionary is ideal for use at KS 3, 4 and GCSE.
With 384 pages,  15,000 headwords,  35,000 definitions and spelled out and phonetic (IPA) pronunciation guides it’s  the sort of resource that can benefit
students from year 7 right through to their GCSE exams.  By encouraging
students to refer to a dictionary early on we think that they are likely to
develop good habits which will help them in their later years.

The “Word Power”  dictionary has an RRP of £ 6.99 but schools and colleges
are eligible to purchase at the following  greatly reduced prices:

    £  2.69  (400+)      £ 2.75  (200+)      £ 2.85  (100+)     £ 2.99   (50+) 

 Paperback version;  (normal size:  125 x 190 mm)
Min. order 50,   Delivery extra..  usually within 7-10 working days.








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 G&G WEBSTER'S WORD POWER.inddThe “Essential Students’ Companion”  has been fully revised and updated. Its 384 pages are packed full of helpful information and facts …. and, as  the blurb on the front cover indicates,  designed to improve the reader’s general knowledge of written and spoken English.

Topics include:

  • English grammar and usage

  • English idioms and everyday phrases

  • Terms from the world of business, computing, science and the arts.   Appendices include:

  • essay writing, world facts

  • Specialist subject vocabulary

    Phrases from Latin, Greek and other foreign languages 
    It’s a remarkable book.  Useful not only in English lessons, to help with homework  or as a reference book to improve both written and spoken English,  but also to dip into now and again just for the enjoyment of finding out more about the English language.

In our opinion it’s suitable for use at KS 3 through to GCSE,  A level and university.  In fact it’s the sort of book which would always be good to have around,  more or less whatever age you are.

The “Essential Students’ Companion”  is the normal paperback size  (124 x 192 mm),  and has a cover price of £ 5.99.  However,  we are pleased to offer this title for just £ 2.95  saving  more than £ 3  off  the cover price.     NB.  Very limited stocks.

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