Wooden Alphabet Letters

BJ090 - abc templates lowercaseBJ091 - ABC Templates Uppercase

What are wooden alphabet letters doing on a website where the majority of products are for students at secondary schools ?   The answer’s really quite simple… for children who have specific learning difficulties (often termed dyslexia) or those whose literacy skills are well below their peers (difficulties with spelling, reading and handwriting) whatever their age, these alphabet letters can be very helpful  (I know this because I’ve used them with both primary and secondary age children over many years).  Here are a few practical ways to help….

a.  Teaching letter names and sounds
b.  Alphabet sequencing  (in a semi circle shape)
c.  Teaching simple C-V-C words (consonant-vowel-consonant) for words with regular vowel sounds  eg  cat, mat, man, can,  red, bed, etc
d.  Tracing letter shapes
e.  Matching letters with pictures..eg.  p  = pan,  h = hat
f.   Teaching consonant blends  eg.  sh  =  shed,  pl  = plane  etc
g.  Using capitals (upper case) letters for names and proper nouns

more suggestions to follow…..

Each set of 26 letters is £  7.25…We recommend ordering at least  two sets of lower case letters and  one set of upper case letters per child so that they can make a wide range of words.
Prices are ex vat.